Legion Presents historic print to Township

In recognition of the strong relationship that the Lancaster Legion, Branch 544 has with the Township of South Glengarry, Pierre Roy headed a delegation from the Legion to make a special presentation to the Township at its December 16th ,2015 council meeting. The delegation was comprised of Bill Bresse, President,  Dan Delage, 1st Vice-President and Pierre Roy, 2nd Vice-President.

  • “The Glengarry Settler” by Cyrus Cincinatto Cuneo (1879-1916)

The Legion presented a print of an original painting named “The Glengarry Settler” which hangs at Queen’s Park in Toronto. We, at the Legion, felt that “The Glengarry Settler” should also hang in Glengarry, as it will, from this day forward, in the Council Chambers of The Township of South Glengarry.

“The Glengarry Settler”

“The Glengarry Settler”

This work was presented by Edward Beatty, then President of the Canadian Pacific Railway to Dr. Alexander Fraser, Provincial Archivist of Ontario, at one of the Highland Gatherings sponsored by the Railway and held annually at Banff from 1927-1930. The “Glengarry” in Cuneo’s painting is Glengarry County in southeastern Ontario, on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River. It was first settled in 1784 by Roman Catholic Highlanders, and continued to draw emigrants from Scotland in the nineteenth century.

This print was presented to the citizens of South Glengarry by the Royal Canadian Legion Claude Nunney V. C. Memorial Branch 544 – Lancaster Ontario on December 16, 2015 in recognition of the enduring cooperation by the Township of South Glengarry in supporting the Legion’s activities in the community.