New Pool Table has Arrived

Good Job Allan!

Since the inception of the building addition project, Allan Dawe has been canvassing members to make donations towards a new pool table for the branch.Things were slow in the beginning, but Allan “kept on plugging” and at the December 2015 Executive Meeting, a motion was passed stating that the Branch would match all donations to assist with the acquisition of a new table.  That motion gave Allan’s efforts a real boost.  On Wednesday, March 9th, 2016 Allans efforts became a reality. The new pool table, which had been delivered the previous day, was assembled by a team of experts from “Rack ’em Up” in Cornwall.

The branch owes Allan a vote of “Thanks” for an unrelenting effort. Thanks to all the donors who supported the Legion in this effort and make Branch 544 a great place to relax.

Allan Dawe breaks the 1st rack on the new pool table - Now, watch it get built

Allan Dawe breaks the 1st rack on the new pool table – Now, watch it get built

How to assemble a professional pool table:

  • What a set of legs!
  • Laying out the tools
  • Each of the slate slabs weighs about 200 lbs. The entire table will weigh approximately 950 lbs.
  • Precision level
  • Good old levers - home made pool table lifter
  • Fitting in another slate slab
  • Adjusting the level
  • Applying a special "bees" wax to the joints
  • The was will seep into the joints and seal them
  • Cleaning the slate surface to prepare it for the cloth
  • Laying out the Simonis cloth
  • Stretching the Simonis Cloth
  • Cutting out the pockets
  • Hey folks... real pockets!
  • "Silence of the Roys"
  • Attaching the cloth - staples - who knew?
  • Cross side - which side?
  • Mounting the bands
  • Are those bands straight Jacques?
  • Real Simonis cloth - for the doubters
  • Spot the Ball
  • Spot On - under supervision!
  • Out with the Old... in with the New!