Ontario Command Newsletter, September 2015

Below is the text of Ontario Command President, Brian Weaver’s opening comments to the Newsletter.

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Ontario Command President, Brian Weaver

Comrades, I wish to start this report by welcoming all of the newly elected SEO’s of this great Command. For those of you who could not be with us in Niagara Falls in May for the elections you no doubt by now have heard of the results. We have a new 1st. V.P. Comrade Sharon McKeown from District ‘B’ and two new V.P.’s; Comrades Derek Moore from District ‘C’ and Comrade Garry Pond from District ‘G’. Returning to the fold is Comrade Ken Sorrenti also from District ‘G’.

We also are happy to see some new faces in the boardroom with eight new District Commanders with one returning. The rest of the SEO’s were all re-elected back into office; Comrades Bill Chafe, Ron Goebel and Don Hubbs.

I certainly want to express my sincere gratitude and THANKS to our Immediate Past President Comrade Bruce Julian for a fantastic job during his term. I have some mighty big shoes to fill to say the least.

Also at the convention, Comrade Dave Gordon announced his plans to retire next year. I had received his letter of intent and he plans to retire on September 2, 2016. We had asked Comrade Pam Sweeny to move up and replace Dave (She said YES) and now are actively seeking a replacement for her position as Asst. Executive Director.

Comrades, so far into my term as your president I have been invited to the P.E.I Command convention in May; in which I along with Comrade Dave Gordon and his wife Dawn attended; then Debbie and I attended the Manitoba Northwest Ontario Command convention in June.

Next on our travel list is the New Brunswick Command convention in September and Dave and Dawn will be meeting up with Debbie and I there. Looking forward to it as every Command does something a little different from our Conventions.

I attended the Provincial Track & Field Championships in London the early part of July. I couldn’t believe how talented our young athletes are in setting many records in various track & field events.

I was fortunate enough to travel to Ste. Therese, Quebec to witness the National Track & Field Championships. This meet ran from the 5th.of August to the 11th. Team Ontario did an outstanding job in all events and came away with many if not most of the hardware again! The Ladies Auxiliary has certainly come through again with the funding for the track suits for all of our athletes. Thank you!

On a special note we were very proud to have a great young lady named as the top female athlete of the National meet. REMEMBER THIS NAME – Trinity Tutti from Welland Ontario was chosen as the top performer of the meet setting Legion records in the Shot-put and Discuss throw and just missing the record in the Hammer throw.

All I can say is WOW! Congratulations Trinity!

I also attended the kick off and the conclusion of the “Ruck 2 Remember” march that was held the later part of July. This ruck march in partnership with Ontario Command, was 100 Km. long from Barrie to Parry Sound over the course of four days and was to honour our Veterans and front line responders that we lost in 2014. All monies raised along the way are being donated back to O.C. Homeless Veterans Program. I personally want to give many thanks to our Assistant Executive Director Comrade Pam Sweeny for her part in the setting up of this great march.

I was privileged to be the Reviewing Officer for the HMCS Ontario graduating Cadet Corps in Kingston this past month. Those young men and women sure looked great out on the parade square and I’m sure that we will see them again as our new Legionnaires.

Something that Dave and I heard while out east in P.E.I. was that fact one our Ontario Branches refused an Afghanistan Veteran service and asked him to leave. Comrades, I cannot stress strongly enough that if they are young or old and have served; they are a Veteran.

As it reads now a Veteran is: “any person who is serving or has honorably served in the Canadian Armed Forces, the Commonwealth or its wartime allies, or as a Regular Member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or as a Peace Officer in a Special Duty Area or on a Special Duty Operation, or who has served in the Merchant Navy or Ferry Command during wartime.”

Comrades the next part of our summer has or will be filled with many meetings in Aurora, the Warriors Day Parade, invitations to ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, district conventions, Legion week and much more. Before we know it November 11th. with all the pomp and circumstance will be upon us. Take pride and wear your poppy proudly!

In comradeship:

Brian D. Weaver



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